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2007 Arizona JOAD and ASAA

Indoor Championships

Jan. 26 - 28, 2007

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Prescott, Arizona

Joad Photos (by Sue Cullumber)

More Photos (by Janice Price) 

More Photos (Valerie Carlisle)  

JOAD Results     New Joad Records for the JOAD Indoor

ASAA Results    New Joad Records for the ASAA Indoor

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January 30, 2007



JOAD Story:

15 Arizona JOADs took part in the 2007 Arizona JOAD Indoor Championships.

Arizona JOADs were able to compete at the JOAD Championship on Friday night and the ASAA Championship held on the same weekend.

JOADs took part from the following clubs.

  • Mesa Targeteers, (Mesa and Chandler)

  • Precision Shooters JOAD, (Tucson)

  • Straight N Arrow JOAD (Phoenix)

  • Papago JOAD (Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix)

  • Corner Kidz JOAD, (Phoenix)

Bowmans and Cubs competed with JOAD tourney rules.

Have a look at the photos of the JOADs and 2007 Arizona JOAD Co-Coordinators Valerie Carlisle, and Heather Collins-Brunelle.

Having the event on Friday night kept the numbers down.

Ideally the tournament would have taken place earlier in the month on a Saturday.

It is our hope, that in the future, additional venues in the state will be offered to enable more JOAD shooters to participate in this tournament.




ASAA Indoor Championship Story

....AZ College Archery Program made it “their tournament”


55 archers took part in the State Indoor Championship with over half of the archers in the Collegiate Division.

(14 Dine Warriors, 8 ASU Sun Devils and 8 ERAU Golden Eagles)

It is the second time in a row that the ASAA Indoor Championship was hosted by ERAU in the same spacious venue.


Collegiate highlights included:

  • Dine College Elison Allen’s Robin Hood in the X ring.

  • ERAU domination of the compound males with lead by champion Steven Weaver.

  • ASU finishing 1-2-3 the recurve male division with champion Ted Harden

  • ASU also took the top compound and recurve women championships with Ashley Votruba and Maggie Huff winning their divisions.

  • The U of A Bowcats reported that they just weren’t ready to compete.  We hope to see them soon.


The Look: 


The Warriors were all dressed in their matching team shirts and set the standard for what a well dressed team should look like. 


Embry Riddles Golden Eagles stepped to the line in their embroidered polo shirts that were impressive. 


Not to be out done, the day two Sun Devil Archers wore their Maroon and Gold Team Jerseys.


12 JOADs took part including California Cadet Recurve JOAD Yashio Kaku who bested the Arizona Cadets.

There were several close matches including Junior Recurve, Cadet Compound.


Seniors and Master also competed with some lively competition in a few select categories.

The overall top archers were:

  • Male Compound: Walt Smith, 50+

  • Female Compound: Robyn Repp, Jr

  • Male Recurve: Tony Don, Jr

  • Female Recurve: Maggie Huff, Collegiate



A real highlight was the Sigma Chi Fraternity hotdog and hamburger BBQ.

  • They served hot chocolate in the morning and BBQ, beverages and snacks for lunch and mid afternoon snack.

  • Their goal was to raise money for their on-campus  program which will raise money for cancer research.

Out of the ordinary: 

  • There was a rash of community wide power outages during the Saturday PM line. 

  • The Eagle Gym’s natural lighting from wall panels and skylights provided more than enough lighting to the point where it was difficult to notice the difference between the lights being on vs. off.

Thank you all (Volunteers and Archers) for a great job!



See Results

JOAD Championship, Friday Night

ASAA Championship Saturday and Sunday AM and PM

10 new ASAA indoor targets and freshly painted stands

60 chairs

6 equipment set up tables

Check in and DOS table



Digital Timer




30 min Check in

45 min Practice

15 min Break

105 minutes per 300 round

10 break between 300 rounds.

Equipment failures: Loose rest and cable guard, rotating peep, mechanical release failure.



Host: Embry Riddle Golden Eagle Archery Club

Tournament Director: Tina Blake

ERAU GE Club Leader: Steven Weaver

DOS: Diane Tone

Judge:  Ed Votruba

ASAA Liason:  Bob Pian

Food: Sigma Chi

Tournament oversight committee:  Janice Price and Alan Huff

Volunteers: ERAU Golden Eagles and friends

Mr. Weaver

Ed Voturba

Steve Pelton

Michael Mounsey, assistant coach

Gloria Janusko, assistant coach

Arizona JOAD Co-Coordinators Heather Collins Brunelle and Valerie Carlisle