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Straight N Arrow Archery presents the

Super Saturday Vegas Money Shoot and

Youth Vegas Indoor Tournament

Saturday February 3, 2007

Phoenix, Arizona


Results          Rules       Procedures     Payout Schedule (PDF)    SNA Website

This year the 2007 tournament featured 18 youth archers and 15 money shooters.


Super Saturday was popular with the large contingent of Arizona JOADs prepping for the Vegas World Archery Festival and the 2007 Arizona JOAD Team Vegas Showdown



Each youth archer was presented a $5 gift card for Straight N Arrow Archery.

The youth award winners will be give medal engraved with their name.


The adults pocketed prize money of $575


1st Flight

  • $262.50, Robyn Repp, Champion

  • $157.50, Warran Buck, 2nd Place

  • $105.00, Johnny Velazquez, 3rd Place

 2nd Flight

  • $50, Susie Velasquez,

Director of Shooting, Rockne Repp  (Thanks Rocky for a job well done!)

Scoring, Sammie Hulm

Logistics, Todd Hulm


Money and youth divisions archers mixed together in the AM shooting time.

Youth shot the first PM time


All the money shooters shot the second PM time.





Anyone with a bow and three arrows who can shoot 20 yds, subject to Vegas equipment rules.



·         600 Round made up of two Vegas style 300 rounds.

·         All Adults use a 40 cm three spot target face.

·         Youth compound use a 40 cm three spot target face.

·         Youth recurve 60 cm target face.

·         Adult archers will compete in championship and flighted divisions as well as the top recurve finisher(s).

·         20 seconds to come to the line then 2 minutes shooting time per end, to keep the tourney moving. 



Straight N Arrow Archery

1329 N 29th Ave.

Phoenix, AZ, 85009



(602) 233-2697



Saturday February 3, 2007, doors open at 7:30 AM


First 300 Round:

·         Early Morning Group: 7:30 AM Sign in, 8:00 AM 1st 300 round scoring

·         Mid-Morning Group: 9:30 AM Sign in, 10:00 AM 1st 300 round scoring


Second 300 Round:

PM groups will be determined by ranked groupings, be prepared to shoot the early afternoon or late afternoon shooting times.


Approximate schedule, subject to change 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM.


Early afternoon start time will be announced in the morning.


Shoot offs, if necessary, and awards immediately following the last group scoring.



Archers shoot three arrow “ends”, score and repeat for a total of 10 ends per 300 Round.

The 600 round total score will be used to determine the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place championship, youth and flight winners

Prize winning group range from 1 to 3, depended on the number of archers.

Space is limited, sign up early.


How Much:

Youth Fee:  $15

Adult Fee: $55

Early Adult payment: $10 discount for pre-payment received at Straight N Arrow Phoenix, January 31, 2007.  $45 Adult early payment.


How to Register:

Mail or deliver the following information and payment to:


Straight N Arrow Archery

1329 N 29th Avenue, Suite #16

Phoenix, AZ 85009

Information to include:



Name: _________________________________

Email Address: __________________________

Phone Number: __________________________

Circle Division:

Adult (A)    or    Youth Division (MC, MR, FC, FR)


Circle Start Time:

Preferred (7:30) or (9:30) AM first 300 round shooting time:


Payment Checks to Straight N Arrow, note “Super Saturday” in the remarks line.

Circle payment:


($55)     (Early $45)    (Youth $15)


Prize Money Payout:

The Super Saturday Tourney is projected to exceed a $1000 payout!   See the tournament webpage for the payout chart.  ($35 prize money payout per Adult entry fee)


Youth Awards:

Medallions for Male Compound, Female Compound, Male Recurve and Female Recurve.



Rules and Procedures as posted at Straight N Arrow Archery and on the tournament webpage.

Official Super Saturday procedures:

  • Arrive early and set up before checking in.

  • Check in is 15 minutes before the Group shooting time.

  • The first two ends are practice unless otherwise announced.

  • Shoot no more than three arrows during practice.

  • Archers with targets on the bottom bales will shoot on the first line.

  • Archers with targets on the top bales will shoot on the second line.

  • After the 5th end of each 300 round the archers will move their target from top to bottom or bottom to top and switch their shooting line from second to first or first to second as the case maybe.

  • Do not mark arrow holes, do not “fix” arrow holes.

  • Only arrows in the target face score points.

  • Bounce outs and pass-through do not score points.

  • See re-shot arrows below.

  • See equipment failures below.

  • Target face changes are at the sole discretion of the tournament director with regards to the ability to score accurately.

Official Super Saturday Rules:


  • Adults will shoot on a 40 cm Vegas style three spot target face.

  • Youth Recurve archer will shoot on a 60 cm face. Youth Compound Vegas style three spot target per archer. 

  • Gold Red Blue -10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ring scoring areas.

  • The X-Ring of the 40 cm indoor Vegas face will be used for tie-breakers for 2nd place and below.

(Note that the tournament management, at their discretion, may allow the use of a 40 cm ten ring

target face.)

 Distance: 18 meters (19 yards, 2 feet, ½ inch) or as occurs at the Archery Range.


  • Two 300 rounds held on one day.

  • Each 300 round will consist of ten ends; three arrows per end.

  • Two ends of practice will precede the shooting of the 300 round.

  • Note that the tournament director reserves the right to modify practice routine including number of practice ends.

 Top Flight Ties:

  • The top-flight ties for first place will be determined the highest total 600 round score.

  • X‘s will not be used to determine the top-flight first place ties.

  • The top-flight first place ties will compete in a shoot off to determine final placement.

 The following procedure will be used for the shoot-off:

  • One practice end.

  • Then end-by-end sudden-death shoot-off.

  • A maximum of two ends will be shot using regular scoring.

  • Shoot-off scoring is added to the 600 round score.

  • Then ends where only the X ring scores 10 points until the tie is broken.

  • After each end only those still tied with the highest score will continue in the shoot off.

 The highest score will break all other ties in the following sequence:

  • Total Xs

  • 1st round score

  • 1st round Xs

  • 2nd round score

  • 2nd round Xs

  • Finally an end by end score review followed by an arrow-by-arrow review.

  • Target X ring used for the purpose of break ties will be scored outside in (Arrow touching the outside of the line scores as an X)

If differences exist between NAA or NFAA rules and the Super Saturday rules the Super Saturday rules will take precedence. The decision of the tournament director in conjunction with the tournament management is final and not subject to official appeal.

 Adult Flights:

  • Flights results will be determined based on the total 600 round score.

  • The tournament director will group the flight in approximate equal numbers


  • Archers will double score.

  • A scorecard will be designated as the official score card by the tournament management.

  • Each archer is responsible for accurately totaling his or her scorecard.

  • Each archer and scorer must sign that the scorecard is accurate.

  • Inaccurate score cards may lead to disqualification.

  • The official score card must be turned in at the designated location within 20 minutes after the completion of each round of competition.

  • You are responsible to confirm that your name is “checked-off” as having turned in your official scorecard. Failure to turn in your scorecard within time will result in your disqualification from the tournament competition.

 Re-shot Arrows:

  • Pass-throughs and bounce-outs must be witnessed as having been shot into the scoring area of the target to be re-shot.

  • If verified the archers shall re-shoot the arrows after the 300 round is complete under the control of the Director of Shooting.

  • The archers, that scored with the bounce-out or pass-through archer, will score with the archer during the make-up arrows.

Equipment failure:

  • An archer may claim an equipment failure by notifying a judge or official.

  • Once verified by the official the archer has 15 minutes to effect repairs, but shall not miss over 2 ends in addition to the arrows not shot during the end the equipment failure was claimed.

  • The make up ends shall be shot the arrows after the 300 round is complete under the control of the Director of Shooting.

  • The archers that scored with the equipment failure archer will score with the archer during the make up arrows.