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world Archery Festival


third annual Arizona JOAD

Team competition


Feb. 9 - 10, 2007

Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada


WE NEED PHOTOS!!  (Individuals and Teams)

Please email to azjoad@cox.net

Read Nick Carlisle's account of the Event   Here


This is the third year that Arizona JOAD Clubs have competed in this State Team competition.  An amazing 23 Arizona JOAD archers competed this year on 3 teams!


Thank you to MJ Rogers and the National Field Archery Association for making this a special event.


Each Arizona JOAD Club encourages their young archers to come to the World Archery Festival to compete individually in their age division and then use those scores to compete as a team.


The rules for the competition are straight forward.  Each archer that competes both Friday and Saturday earns 5 bonus points.  Then, each Club’s 3 highest 600 round scores, including 1 recurve archer’s score, are added together with the bonus points to determine the Arizona JOAD Club team score.  The totaled team scores determine the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place team.


This year, 3rd place was awarded to United Arizona JOAD Club with 3 shooters, Ashley Carmichael, Jason Strock and Brandon Grossman with a total score of 1406.  Ashley and Brandon both shoot for Corner Archery JOAD Club and Jason Strock shoots for PSE JOAD Club.  These 3 archers joined together to create United Arizona JOAD Club so they could compete in this year’s competition.  Congratulations to United Arizona JOAD Club!


2nd place was awarded to Mesa Targeteers JOAD Club with 9 shooters and a total score of 1460.  Mesa Targeteers started their JOAD in 1985 with 10 young shooters.  Their Club now has 3 levels of classes with over 45 kids.  Congratulations Mesa Targeteers JOAD Club!


1st place was awarded, for the 3rd year in a row, to Straight N Arrow JOAD Club with 12 shooters and a total score of 1748.  Straight N Arrow JOAD began their JOAD program in 2004 with 10 young shooters.  Their club now has 2 levels of classes with over 50 kids.  Congratulations to Straight N Arrow JOAD Club.


Link to Rules 

Individual Arizona archers that placed in the top 10 are:


Straight N Arrow JOAD:

  • Nick Carlisle (recurve 553), 5th Place

  • Skylar Van Patter (compound 357), 5th Place

  • MacKenzie Kieborz (compound 564), 9th Place           

  • Justin Lalande (compound 486), 9th Place           

  • Colt Van Patter (compound 481),10th Place

Mesa Targeteers JOAD:

  • Andre Gauthier (recurve 387), 1st Place

  • Nathan Jacobson (recurve 392), 2nd Place

  • Jacob Shupp (recurve 280), 3rd Place

  • Kyle Pelton (recurve 551), 6th Place

  • Logan Barrett (recurve 431), 6th Place

  • Brianna Beck (recurve 433), 6th Place

  • Pieter Mead (recurve 390), 7th Place

  • Devin Metcalf (recurve 367), 9th Place

  • Peter Lyon (recurve 288),10th Place

United Arizona JOAD:

  •  Ashley Carmichael (recurve 491), 4th Place                       

Additional Straight N Arrow JOAD Shooters

  • Robyn Repp (compound 594)

  • Casey Gervais (compound 550)            

  • Matt Bullard (compound 564)                            

  • Clinton Costello (compound 571)            

  • Max Engstrom (compound 514)            

  • Matt Heckel (compound 433)

  • Blake Zoucha (compound 315)              

  • Colton Bell (compound 107)                 

Additional United Arizona JOAD shooters:

  • Jason Strock (recurve)                          

  • Brandon Grossman (compound)

Congratulations to all Shooters