April 8 - 11

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2010 AAE Arizona Cup Photos courtesy of:

- Steve Stringham

- Christian Deligant

- Gary Holstein

- Peter Scudner


Thank You!


Volunteers Needed




2010 AAE AZ Cup is shaping up to be a very special event.  We extend to the Arizona community an open invitation to help make the event the best it can be.


The 21st edition of the AAE Arizona Cup is shaping up to be a stellar event!  Some of the highlights include:

·       FITA World Ranking Tournament (4th year in a row)

·       FITA Para Archery Ranking Tournament.  Several countries have expressed interest including the USA to take part in training and competition.

·       USA Archery Cadet, Junior and Senior US Archery Team Placement Tournament

·       USAA/Easton Sports Development Foundation at target Handheld Terminal computerized results system.

·       First FITA World Ranking Tournament to utilized the Set System

The AAE AZ Cup is also a part of many Archery Manufacturer Contingency Programs


Three hundred archers ranging from new target archery youths to world class champions and Olympians from around the world will meet and compete at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in North Phoenix, April 8 to 11, 2010. 


The tournament takes place with the generous help of the At Large and Arizona Archery Community volunteers.  Please considered yourself invited and encouraged to help.  There are many jobs to accomplish.


Field preparation:  Bob Pian and this year Jake Martin will lead.  March 13-14, March 20-21, April 2, April 5-7 are field prep and set up days.  All are welcome to come out and help in any and all of these days.  Targets and equipment are refurbished, the field is groomed and lane line and equipment are set up on these days.  Wear work clothes and bring tools and gloves.


Meeting and greeting:  Travelers including judge and officials appreciate being greeted at the airport.  Volunteers are needed for a variety of arrival times throughout the day and night. From time to time, officials will need rides from place to place.


Days of Tournament, April 8-11, 2010  the archers compete with the help of volunteers who help keep the tournament moving.  Help is needed to manage the leader boards, collect score cards.  Hand out target faces.  Act as arrow “caddie”s for the Paralympics archers. Distribute water bottles.  etc.  Sunday is the most demanding day.


Judges:  Judges are needed to provide additional judging support to the assigned judging team.  Duties include, open team round, Set matches and Jury of Appeals.


US Anti Doping Agency Chaperones:  On Sunday April 11, 2010 the USADA “May” conduct anti doping testing.  Chaperone volunteers are required that escort the archers from the competition area to the testing station.


We thank the sponsors for providing the funding and amenities that make the AAE AZ Cup the best it can be.  Special thanks to AAE Cavalier USA for providing the award and prize money funds.


The AAE Arizona Cup has had the good fortune of some great ongoing volunteer couples including:  Julie and Mel Nichols, Connie and Waylon Hunt (+Brandon), Kathy and Fred Grant (+Jessi), Cathy and Dean Kieborz, Lynn and Mike Van Patter and family, Teresa and Alan Huff, Juli and Doug Witt, Barbara with David Gervais, Barbara and Andy Larrick, Shirley and Wayne Davidson,  Diane and Terry LaBeau’, Janet and Gary Yamaguchi, Judy and Ed Moore, Cathy and Rockne Repp, Diane and Dick Tone, Vivian and Mike Koistinen, Linda and Steve Yturralde.  The list if individual volunteers is also lengthy:  Mike Cullumber, Heather Collins-Brunelle, John Heffelfinger, Tom Jones, Barbara Noblet, Nancy Myrick. Kari Granville, Jim Hamilton, Mark Kaufman, Bob Kortan, Damon Don, Casey Gervais, Mary Hensberry, Kevin Hubbard, Nick Carlisle, Mark Penaz, Laura Davis, Lindsay Pian, Mike Speck, Ted Harden, Vicki Lambert.  Sorry to those I have missed.


We also appreciate the club help over the years, Sun Devil Archery at ASU, Corner Archery, Papago FITA Archers, Arizona JOAD and those that have moved on to bigger and better things from Straight N Arrow (Sammy and Todd Hulm) and Fiesta Archery (Koistinen family).


The Ben Avery Shooting Facility and Arizona Game and Fish Department Staff support has been wonderful:  Denise and Mike Raum, Clinton Costello, Larry Collins, Bill Kelsey and Chris Anstead and Marty Herrera.


There is a special group of hero’s that make the AAE AZ Cup what it is.  They are the friends and family of the AZ Cup that travel from far and wide to meet and work the AZ Cup.  Folks like Sheri Rhodes, MJ Rogers and Gary Gileys.


To volunteer, show up with comfortable clothing including comfortable shoes, a hat and gloves and a desire to help the archers do what they do.  On tournament days, dress smartly to represent the best Arizona has to offer.  To find out more and to reserve a job, email


The archers cannot do what that do without you.  Help us show off Arizona to the world!



Bob Pian and Janice Price for the AAE Arizona Cup Local Organizing Committee.