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December 4, 2004 - Round Three

Straight N Arrow Archery, Phoenix


The final 2004 Iron Archer 600 rounds took place at Straight N Arrow Archery on Saturday.  23 took part in the AM line and 7 took part during the PM session.  The majority of the contestants have plans to compete in the upcoming indoor tournament season including the 2005 US Indoor World Trials, National Indoor Championship and the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas including the inaugural AZJOAD Team Shootout.


Of note was the steady improvement in scores of many of the competitors from tournament to tournament.  Congratulations.  The archers experienced the fact that  indoors can still be chilly, or warm as the case maybe.  Always come prepared for the unknown.  It was also nice to see some first timers take part in the Iron Archer.  Great for the growth of target archery.


The finale takes place in December 18, 2004 with the Iron Archer Round Robin matches.  Iron Archer 1200 round award plaques, as well the Iron Archer Trophies will be awarded then.  The match groups combine male and female competitors as follows:

Top 8 recurve archers.

Top 8 compound archers.

9 thru 16 place compound archers.


The 12 arrow, head to head, match play competition is identical to the 2005 US Indoor World Team Trials.  Round Robin experience is rare and provides valuable experience for Indoor, Outdoor, Olympic US Team Trials Tournaments.


Several Arizona JOADs qualified in the top positions. 


Male Compound:

1st  Brady Ellison, Straight N Arrow JOAD

2nd Walt Smith, Senior

3rd Told Hulm, Straight N Arrow Senior


Female Compound:

1st April Witt, Straight N Arrow JOAD

2nd Robyn Repp, Mesa Targeteers JOAD

3rd Leslie Humbarger, Senior


Male Recurve:

1st Ted Harden, Sun Devil Archery Club, Collegiate

2nd Chris Panawa, Straight N Arrow, JOAD

4th Philip Canon, Precision Shooters JOAD


Female Recurve:

1st Lindsay Pian, Straight N Arrow JOAD

2nd Maggie Huff, Precision Shooters JOAD

3rd Annette Gorelik, Precision Shooters JOAD