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Attention: JOADs and Seniors 

The Arizona JOAD Association will be hosting the 2004 “Iron Archer” Indoor Tournament Series

in preparation for the

2005 Indoor Tournament Season.



First Round Story

Second Round Story

Third Round Story

Final 600 Round Results

Round Robin Rankings



December 4th, 2004 Iron Archer Update - 2nd shooting time added:


Spaces are available for a 1:30 PM check in, 2:00 PM 600 round.

(December 4, 2004, Straight N Arrow)


The main AM group will check-in at 10:00am and begin shooting the first 600 round at 10:45 AM (the AM group is full at this time).


The added PM group will begin shooting the second 600 round at 2:00 PM.


Official practice will only be offered before the first 600 round (10:00 AM)


The second PM group will be "one line only", if possible to insure that the second 600 round is complete by store closing time.


Email azjoad@cox.net to reserve a December 4, 2004, PM group shooting position, space is limited to 12.


Iron Archer Update:  Non NAA members may participate!

Non NAA members may participate in the Iron Archer Tournament Series. See below



Iron Archer Tournament series and 2005 US Indoor Trials:


The NAA has announced that the 2005 World Indoor Trials will be in Hillsboro, Texas

on January 14-16, 2004.

  • Information and registration information is located on the NAA website www.usarchery.org

  • The format has changed slightly from the 2003 Trials. 

  • The 2005 Trials format is an 18 meter 600 round qualifier followed by  round robin matches for up to the top 16 qualifiers with bonus points for match wins.

  • Two FITA I, 600 round qualifying scores are required to be eligible for US team funding.

The Iron Archers Tournament Series consists of three FITA I, 600 rounds and Round Robin matches. 

  • The FITA I, 600 round portions of the Iron Archer Series are NAA registered for those that need qualifying scores. 

  • The 600 rounds and Round Robin matches will be excellent preparation for the Trials.

  • Space is very limited. 

  • Sign up early!


NAA members, first timers to veteran competitors seeking tournament experience.


NAA Sanctioned qualifying 600 rounds and finalist round robin matches.  NAA arrow size limits and compounds shoot inner ten ring.


Straight N Arrow Archery, 1329 N 29th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 


Saturdays, 2004

  • November 6th, 600 Round

  • November 20th, 600 Round

  • December 4th, 600 Round

  • December 18th, Round Robin Matches




(Tournament begins at mid-morning to allow for out of town travel time, if no out-of-towners, then schedule may shift earlier)

10:00 AM  Set up

10:15 AM  ˝ hour practice

10:45 AM  Scoring first 300

Break between rounds: 15 minutes (Approximately 12:45 PM to 1:00 PM)

Scoring second 300:  Immediately following break (Approximately 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM)

ORs matches, pending interest and time.



  • Archers two best 600 round point total will be used to seed round robin matches.

  • The last tournament date will be Round Robin matches. 

  • The top 8 compound and 8 recurve archers will compete in the round robin matches.  The Round Robin including bonus points will be conducted per 2005 US World Indoor Team Trials procedures, time and range conditions permitting.

  • All archers may select a FITA 40 cm; ten ring target, vertical 3 spot or triangular 3 spot for the 600 rounds, BUT all archers will shoot the round robin on the vertical three spot target face.

How much:

Updated 11/3/2004

  • NAA member all 4 events package is $45 due at 10:00 AM on the November 6th, 2004 (Checks to AZJOAD) (Exact cash is appreciated)

  • Non NAA member all 4 events package is $60 due at  10:00 AM on the November 6th, 2004 (Checks to AZJOAD) (Exact cash is appreciated)

  • (Fee includes $6 per ˝ day special range fee, target face, official and NAA tournament sanctioning fees)

  • NAA member single day participation on a space available basis is $15

  • Non NAA member single day participation on a space available basis is $20

  • NAA membership information Link to NAA membership info

  • Space is limited, sign up early.

  • Insurance:  The participants will be covered by the NAA insurance  upon full execution and signature of the NAA/Arizona JOAD Association liability waiver.


To sign up, email azjoad@cox.net with the following information

Archers name:

NAA membership expiration date:


  • Male Compound

  • Female Compound

  • Male Recurve

  • Female Recurve

600 round Target face: (all will shoot the vertical 3 spot during the round robin)      

  • 40cm 10 ring            

  • 40cm vertical 3 spot           

  • 40cm triangular 3 spot


The Iron Archer series is ideal preparation for the:


  • 2005 US World Indoor Trials

  • Arizona State and JOAD Indoor Championships

  • Las Vegas World Archery Festival

  • NAA National Indoor Championships


The 2002 Iron Archer Series was very popular for those preparing for the 2003 US World Indoor Team Trials.  Three Arizonans who took part made the US team!  (two members and one alternate).


Here is a link to pictures and a write up about the  2002 Iron Archer series


  • Note that only two of the three 600 rounds will be used for ranking.  As a result you can miss one of the 600 rounds for whatever reason.

  • The 600 rounds have been registered with the NAA for qualifying score sanctioning.  Link to NAA Qualifying Scores

  • The 600 round will be conducted per FITA I requirements as provided for at the Straight N Arrow Indoor Range.  (Lane width, 24”, target height as occurs.)  The Round Robins including bonus points will be conducted per 2005 US World Indoor Team Trials procedures, time and range conditions permitting.

  • Tournament proceeds after expenses will be used to fund AZJOAD program projects including support of the Arizona State University Archery Club.

  • List of registrants will be posted on this webpage.