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2006 Arizona JOAD Outdoor Championship

May 6, 2006

One day - Star FITA Tournament

Ben Avery Shooting Facility

Phoenix, Arizona


Hosted by Arizona Junior and Collegiate Archery


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More Photos courtesy of Alan Huff

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2006 Arizona Outdoor JOAD Club Team Championship


Gold Medal Team:  Straight N Arrow

Talon Brunelle, Yeoman recurve, 779

David Bullard, yeoman compound, 649

Nick Carlisle, Cub recurve, 1077

Matt Bullard, Cub compound, 1269

Chris Panawa, Cadet recurve, 1010

Meckenzie Kieborz, cadet compound, 1103

Robyn Repp, Junior compound, 1304

Team Total X's, 370

Bonus pts (Yeoman,Cub,Junior), 300

Team Total: 7861


Silver Medal Team:  Precision Shooters JOAD

Mack Huff, Cub compound, 1317

Tony Don, Cadet recurve, 1218

Ryan Davis, Cadet recurve, 1129

Annette Gorelick, Junior recurve, 1101

Team Total X's,  460

Bonus Pts (cadet), 100

Team Total: 5325


Bronze Medal Team:  Mesa Targeteers

Nathan Yamaguchi, Bowman recurve, 1115

Karissa Yamaguchi, Bowman recurve, 729

Cassandra Votruba, Cadet compound, 1237

Kyle Pelton, cadet recurve, 636

Kevin Hensberry, junior compound, 1156

Team Total X's, 340

Bonus Pts (Bowman), 100

Team Total: 5313


2006 Arizona Outdoor JOAD Club Team Championship Rules:

  • For each age category (bowman, yeoman, dub, cadet, and junior) eachteam's top compound and top recurve score will be counted regardless of whether the competitor is male or female. Two recurve scores can be used, but not two compounds scores. A total of 10 scores can be counted (two in each age division)

  • A bonus of 100 points will be awarded to the team with the top team scorein an age category, regardless of bow type or male/female. If a team has no competitor in a category, then that team is automatically awarded the 100 points. A total of 500 points can be awarded.

  • All X's scored by competitors will be added up and 10 points per X will be awarded to that competitors team. X's will be scored, even if the archers score is not.

2006 Arizona JOAD Outdoor Championship


JOADs numbers were down from 25 last year, only 18 this year.  AP testing and prom weekend kept some away.

(4 from Precision Shooters JOAD, 8 from Straight N Arrow and 6 from Mesa Targeteers.)

Adult participation was the same as last year at 10.

The one day one shooting line FITA  ran right on or just ahead of schedule.

Arizona Junior and Collegiate Archery set up the field in Friday PM.


Temperatures were in the 70s in the morning and reaching the mid 90s in the afternoon.

Breezes in the AM and became gusty after lunch.  The new FITA windsocks were put to good use.


Parents of Gary Yamaguchi, Margret Bullard and Heather Brunelle assisted the Yeoman and Bowman scoring all day.  The tournament could not have run smoothly without their efforts.


The 45 minute lunch break between the second and third distance was just enough time to get a bite to eat, drink lots of fluids and rest a little and still keep the tourney running quickly.  In the PM the archers were given a 5 minute break midway thru the distance and a 15 minute break between distances. 


This year, no longer available US Olympic Bean Bag Archery Bears in collector boxes were given as awards to all the winners and participants. 


Five Arizona JOADs set new state records at this years tourney (link to records).



  • Arizona Junior and Collegiate Archery (AZJCA) for the Field set up. 

  • Volunteers helped move and stake targets and put equipment away, thank you! 

  • All pitched in to put the equipment away.

  • Registration, Field Set-up: Bob Pian

  • Awards, score cards, and webpage: Janice Price

  • NAA Judges:  Rockne Repp  (Back up  Bob Pian)

  • Director of Shooting: Ed Votruba

  • Tournament Director: Bob Pian


One day FITA format:  The tournament is traditionally Arizona’s only one Day FITA provides All of Arizona Archery at least one chance a year to compete in a one day STAR FITA.  Archers ages 7 to 70+ took part from start to finish.


This years one day FITA helped minimize the use of $3.10/gallon gas.


For next time:  The tournament is traditionally hosted by JOAD parents and JOAD clubs.  Please consider volunteering to help and host next year.



Friday 1: PM to 4:30 PM 1 volunteer using AZ Cup lane line feathers, 16 targets including 3 extra for on field registrants.

Saturday only 11 target used because of some no shows.


Saturday Prep

6:30 to 7:30 AM Set up: PA, timer, power cords, and tables.

7:30-8 AM Target matt and practice faces set up.

7:30-8 AM Check in and equipment inspection

8-:45 AM Official Practice

8:50 AM Announcements, national anthem


Saturday Tournament

9:00-10:10 AM First Distance

5 minutes, move and stake down targets

10:15- 11:15 AM Second Distance

11: 15 PM Lunch break

12:13-1:44 PM Third Distance

5 minutes, move and stake targets, set up individual three spot targets.

1:51-3:13 PM Fourth Distance

3:15 to 3:30 PM Score cards competed and collected, Range equipment put away, give away to non JOADs.

3:45-4:00 PM Awards ceremony.


Saturday put away

Most of the equipment was put away by parent volunteers. (Mike Hensberry, Steve Pelton, Heather Brunelle)

4:00 to 5:00 PM Small equipment put away, miscellaneous , depart field.



2006 Registration Form