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Attention: JOADs and Seniors 

The Iron Archers Tournament Series consists of

three FITA I, 600 rounds and 

Round Robin match play on the 4th date.

USA World Indoor Trials Registration and Info Link

How is the Round Robin seeded and how is it going to run?

  • Qualifying awards will be given to the top three archers per category based on the total of the three - 600 rounds.  Awards are plaques.

  • Only the two best 600 rounds will be used for ranking for the round robin.  As a result you can miss one of the 600 rounds for whatever reason.

  • For the Round Robin, there will be three flights of 8 archers each based on the qualifying scores. 3 flights x 8 archers = 24 archers

    • An Iron Archer winner from each flight will be determined by the greatest point total of two best qualifying rounds, plus match points, plus bonus points.  Winning a match is worth 2 bonus points.  There will be seven round robin matches.  A 12 arrow match is 4 ends of 3 arrows. All archers within a flight will play all the other archers in that flight.

    • All archers regardless of age, gender or bow type will be seeded based on their best qualifying score. 

    • The top 8 scorers will be in one flight, the middle 8 scorers in the second flight and the lower 8 scorers in the third flight.  This approach should keep the match play competitive since similar shooters will be matched. 

    • Remember that compound will be shooting the inner ten and recurve the outer ten, regardless of their opponent's bow type.

    • Round Robin match play will be shot on the 3 vertical spot target so there is no top or bottom advantage.

    • The above description of round robin bonus points is tentative waiting on the final NAA Indoor Trials process to be published.


November 4, 600 Round 1 -

November 18, 600 Round 2 - RESULTS    PHOTOS

December 2, 600 Round - RESULTS  PHOTOS

December 16, Round Robin matches - RESULTS  PHOTOS







STORY by Bob Pian


Qualifying Rounds

Three 600 rounds every other Saturday leading up to the Round Robin Matches in mid December.The matches were registered NAA 600 qualifying rounds for those wanting to record them.


Qualifying Round awards were presented to the overall 1800 round scores

Men Recurve

    1st Nick Carlisle, 2nd CJ Fulroth, 3rd Kyle Pelton

Women Compound

    1st Robyn Repp, 2dn Mackenzie Kieborz, 3rd Margie Ortega

Men Compound

    1st Clinton Costello, 2nd Kevin Hensberry, 3rd Mike Hensberry


Round Robin Day

There were three flights, Bronze, Silver and Gold

Bronze and Gold flights each had 6 archers,

The Silver flight had some no shows, only three competed.

Each flight had five matches each.

The Iron Archer Champion was based on the cumulative score of the archer’s best 1200 qualifying score plus the match points plus 2 bonus points for winning a match.

There were five matches decided by the one arrow shoot of method.  One match took three arrows to decide.


The Gold Flight saw Robyn Repp and Brady Ellison going head to head with Brady coming from behind as the #2 seed to win the championship.

Third place in the Gold flight was very competitive with all within a few points of each other through out the matches make the match win bonus point very important.


The Silver Flight had Mike Hansberry as the top seed with a six point lead over second seed Steven Weaver.

After the last match, Steven had closed the gap to three points, not quite enough.

Mike Hensberry won the Silver flight for the second year in a row.


Bronze Flight number one seed was Mackenzie Keiborz.

#2 seed Nick Carlisle and #3 seed CJ Fulroth took on the challenge with some great shooting on 10 ring targets.

CJ won the Bronze Flight.


Note:  Bob Pian and Janice Price invite a new tournament host to run the tournament.

“We would like to help anyone that is interested put on this or any other tournament for the Arizona archery community.”


The indoor tourneys coming up in 2007 are as follows:

NAA Indoor World Team Trials, Hillsboro, Texas, early January

AZ JOAD Indoors and ASAA Indoors in late January in Prescott

Super Saturday (the Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday) at Straight N Arrow Archery, a Vegas Money Shoot.

World Archery Festival, AZ JOAD Vegas Team Showdown, Las Vegas, Mid February

NAA Indoor Nationals, Rio Rancho, NM in late February


2006 Iron Archer Statistics:

Venue: Straight N Arrow Archery

DOS, Judge: Bob Pian

Tournament scoring: Janice Price

Round Robin match boards:  Rockne Repp, Julie Nichols, and Janice Price.


December 16 Round Robins

Official practice ends 10:00, 10:07, 10:15, 10:20 and 10:25

Qualifying round plaques awarded for Compound Men and Women and Recurve Men (no recurve women competed)

10:46 Match 1, two match shoot offs

11:16 Match 2, two match shoot offs, one match went to three arrows

10:47 Match 3

20 minute Break, Tamale breaks (Margaret Ortega)

12:35 Match 4

1:01 Match 5, one match shoot off

1:35 Round Robin Bronze, Silver and Gold presentation (JR Ortega wire archer sculpture)


December 2 Qualifying round

10:05 10:11 10:16 10:22 Official Practice

10:40 Start 600 Round

15 minute break

1:17 End 600 Round


November 18 Qualifying round

10:18 10:25 10:30 10:35 10:40 Official Practice

10:48 Start 600 Round

15 minute break

1:19 End 600 Round


November 4 Qualifying round

9:30 Check in

10:15 Official Practice

10:54 Start 600 Round

15 minute break

1:35 End 600 Round


Suggestion for next time

Use just one 600 round for the cumulative score.

Keep the Tamales coming.


 ROSTER (24 spots available)  12/17/2006

10 = 40cm 10 ring, V = Vertical 3 spot, T = Triangular 3 spot


#  NAA  Gender Bow Face


4-Nov 18-Nov 2-Dec 16-Dec
1 X F C 10

Margie Ortega

2 X M R V

Brady Ellison

-- X X X
3 X M C V

Mel Nichols

-- X X X
4 X M C T

Michael Hensberry

5 X M C V

Kevin Hensberry

6 X M R T

Michal Tyra

X -- -- X
7 X M R V

CJ Fulroth

8 X M C V

Matt Bullard

X -- X X
9 X M R 10

Nick Carlisle

10 X F C V

Robyn Repp

11 X F C V

Mackenzie Kieborz

-- X X X
12 X M C T

Steven Weaver

X -- X X
13 X M C V

Clinton Costello

14 X M R 10

Kyle Pelton

15 X M C T

Walt Smith

X -- X X
16 X M C T

Casey Gervais

17 X M C 10

David Bullard

X -- -- X
18   M C T

Slater Higgins

X -- -- --
19 X M C T

Pat Peters

-- -- X X



NAA members, first timers to veteran competitors seeking tournament experience.


NAA Sanctioned qualifying Indoor 600 rounds.  NAA arrow size limits and compounds shoot inner ten ring. There will be NAA equipment inspection at sign-in.


Straight N Arrow Archery, 1329 N 29th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 


Saturdays, 2006

  • November 4, 600 Round

  • November 18, 600 Round

  • December 2, 600 Round

  • December 16, Round Robin matches  Categories and cut if necessary will be determined by number of participants.




(Tournament begins at mid-morning to allow for out of town travel time, if no out-of-towners, then schedule may shift earlier)

10:00 AM  Set up and equipment inspection

10:15 AM  ˝ hour practice

10:45 AM  Scoring first 300

Break between rounds: 15 minutes (Approximately 12:45 PM to 1:00 PM)

Scoring second 300:  Immediately following break (Approximately 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM)

ORs matches, pending interest and time.



  • Archers two best 600 round point total will be used for placement in the round robin.

  • Archers total of all three 600 rounds determine the qualifying winners.

  • All archers may select a FITA 40 cm; ten ring target, vertical 3 spot or triangular 3 spot for the 600 rounds.

  • Round robin matches will be shot on the VERTICAL 3 spot.

How much:


  • Pay at the tournament

  • NAA member all 4 events package is $45 due at 10:00 AM on the November 4, 2006 (Checks to AZJOAD) (Exact cash or check is appreciated)

  • Non NAA member all 4 events package is $55 due at  10:00 AM on the November 4, 2006 (Checks to AZJOAD) (Exact cash is appreciated)

  • (Fee includes $6 per ˝ day special range fee, target face, official and NAA tournament sanctioning fees)

  • NAA member single day participation on a space available basis is $15

  • Non NAA member single day participation on a space available basis is $20

  • NAA membership information Link to NAA membership info

  • Space is limited, sign up early.

  • Insurance:  The participants will be covered by the NAA insurance  upon full execution and signature of the NAA/Arizona JOAD Association liability waiver.

  • Proceeds of the tournament go to help fund Arizona JOAD and Collegiate programs.


To sign up, email azjoad@cox.net with the following information

Archers name:

NAA membership expiration date:

600 Round Categories

  • Male Compound

  • Female Compound

  • Male Recurve

  • Female Recurve

600 round Target face:       

  • 40cm 10 ring            

  • 40cm vertical 3 spot           

  • 40cm triangular 3 spot

Waiver:  Archers will sign a waiver at the check-in desk.  Parents or guardians must also sign for archers under 18.


The Iron Archer series is ideal preparation for the:


  • Arizona State and JOAD Indoor Championships

  • Las Vegas World Archery Festival

  • NAA National Indoor Championships

  • World Indoor Championship Team Trials to be held in January 2007


Here are links to pictures and write-ups about the  2002 Iron Archer series and the 2004 Iron Archer Series and 2005 Iron Archer Series


  • The 600 rounds have been registered with the NAA for qualifying score sanctioning.  Link to NAA Qualifying Scores

  • The 600 round will be conducted per FITA I requirements as provided for at the Straight N Arrow Indoor Range.  (Lane width, 24”, target height as occurs.) 

  • Tournament proceeds after expenses will be used to fund AZJOAD program projects including support of the Arizona State University Archery Club.

  • List of registrants will be posted on this webpage.

  • Proceeds of the tournament go to help fund Arizona JOAD and Collegiate programs