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How is the

Round Robin seeded

and how is it

going to run?


For the Round Robin, flights to be determined based on Qualification Ranking Round score. All archers regardless of age, gender or bow type will be ranked together based on their qualifying score.

Following the Qualification round, the top 48 scoring archers will enter the Round Robin Round.

There will be up to 8 Flights of 6 archers each. Archers within their flight will shoot a match against all others in their flight for a total of 5 matches per flight.

  • The round robin matches will utilize the World Archery "Set Points" system.  Best of 5 Sets. Each set is 3 arrows.  Based on end score, the winner gets 2 pts, if tied each gets 1 pt. for that set.

  • When utilizing the Set System, the first archer to 6 or more set points wins that match. If still tied after 5 sets, then one arrow closest to center arrow shoot-off determines the winner of that match.

  • Compound cumulative scoring system is not used.

  • All archers regardless of age, gender or bow type will be seeded based on their  qualifying score. 

  • The top scorers will be in one flight, the middle  scorers in the second flight and the lower  scorers in the third flight, etc.  This approach should keep the match play competitive since similar shooters will be matched.

  • Remember that compound will be shooting the inner ten and recurve the outer ten, regardless of their opponent's bow type.

  • Qualification Round and Round Robin match play will be shot on the  Vertical 3 Spot target.  Any shoot-offs will be into the center target spot.

  • The archer who wins the most matches in their flight is the Iron Archer winner of that flight.

Tie Breaker Format:

  • After 5 matches, If 2 or more archers in the same flight are tied with match wins, then they will shoot an additional three arrow set end tie breaker against each other to determine that Iron Archer Flight winner.

  • If tied in highest score the archer with the closest arrow to the middle wins.

  • If still tied in closest arrow distance, the second closest arrow to the middle wins.

  • If still tied in closest arrow distance, the third closest arrow to the middle wins.

  • If still tied, a the tied archers will shoot a one arrow shoot off until the tie is resolved.

2017 Iron Archer Tournament

Nov. 18 - 19, 2017

 Multi-purpose Indoor Archery Range at Ben Avery


(Air Pistol Range)

14th Anniversary


2017 Iron Archer Winners:

 Wade Flake - Gold

 Eric Bennett - Silver

 Kevin Hensberry - Bronze

 Ken Brunko - Copper

 Ashlyn Merritt - Yellow

 Kim Hicks - Red

 Kiel Amundsen - Blue

 Jacob Hindman - Black


RR Finals Chart

The Story

Class and Division Results

RR-Qualification Results




World Archery Qualification Round (600 Round - 18m) - 60 arrows

Saturday AM - Nov. 18  (60 arrows) Limit 48 archers


Saturday PM - Nov. 18  (60 arrows) Limit 48 archers



Cut to the top 48 Scorers from the Qualification Round

Round Robin Match Play

Sunday - Nov. 19

page updated 12/09/2017




  • USA Archery membership is required

  • Non-USA residents must be a member of their World Archery member association.

  • Current USA Archery membership page may be found here.


USAA and World Archery Star FITA Sanctioned qualifying Indoor 600 rounds.  There are arrow size limits, compound draw weight limits and all compounds shoot inner ten ring and all recurve shoot outer ten ring. There will be equipment inspection at sign-in.



  • arrow shafts must not be larger than 9.3mm or points larger than 9.4mm

  • compound peak draw weight must not exceed 60 pounds as measured on the tournament scale.

Rules Summary may be found at this link: Rules Summary

Complete World Archery rules may be found at www.archery.org

Dress Code:  See 2017 USA Archery policy:  http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Archery/Resources/Forms-and-Policies

Iron Archer Exception: Dress code for this tournament only is modified to allow blue denim jeans. Wear your sponsor shirts with pride!


Multi-Purpose Indoor Range at Ben Avery Shooting Facility

(also known as the Air Pistol building)


(Proceed directly to the Indoor Building, you do NOT have to check-in at the Main Range)




SATURDAY, NOV. 18, 2017

(Ranking Round shooting  two lines (AB-CD)

Morning AM Qualification Session - Limit 48 archers

  • 7:00 AM - BASF gates open

  • 7:30 AM - Doors open

  • 8:00 AM  Check-in, Set-up and equipment inspection (Open practice may be available)

  • 8:30 AM  - 2 ends of official practice and then scoring

Afternoon PM Qualification Session - Limit 48 archers

  • There may be open practice after the morning session has cleared the range.

  • 1:00 PM  Check-in, Set-up and equipment inspection (Open practice may be available)

  • 1:30 PM  - 2 ends of official practice and then scoring

Archer's Scores from both sessions will be combined together and the TOP 48 archers (age, gender or bow type are not considered) will be eligible to enter the Round Robin Match Play on Sunday.

SUNDAY,  NOV. 19, 2017 (Match Play - 8 Flights of 6 archers each = 48 Archers)

(Each archer will shoot a match against each archer within their flight for a total of 5 matches)

  • 7:00 AM - BASF gates open

  • 7:30 AM - Doors open - Open Practice may be available

  • 8:30 AM  2 ends of official practice and then scoring

  • Lunch break TBD, typically after 3 matches.

  • Awards immediately following last match ( Flight winners are the "Iron Archers"


  • Archer's 600 round point total will be used for ranking to make the cut and then for flight placement for Round Robin Flights.

  • Qualification Round and Round Robin matches will be shot on the VERTICAL 3 spot.

How much:


  • Entry fee for Adults and Youth - $60  (Entry Fee includes $12 BASF range fee, a portion of the $375 BASF building rental fee, target faces, official and World Archery/USAA tournament Star fees)

  • Only online registration and payment is available.

  • Online Registration form provides for PayPal payment by credit card.  Credit Card payment at the venue is not available.

  • USAA membership information Link to USAA membership info

  • Space is limited, sign up early.

  • Insurance:  The participants will be covered by the USAA insurance upon full execution and signature of the USAA/Arizona JOAD Association liability waiver.

  • Proceeds of the tournament go to help fund AZJOAD programs.

  • No refunds for no shows!

Archers not making the top 48 cut will receive a $20 refund via PayPal to your credit card.

  • No refunds for no shows!

Online Registration:

Please select EITHER the Morning Session OR the Afternoon Session, not both. Proceed to that form to Register and Pay. Each session is limited to 48 archers on a "first come" basis.


Waiver:  Archers will need to sign a waiver as part of the online form.  Parents or guardians must also sign for archers under 18.

Problems Registering? email Janice: admin@azjoad.com

General Questions? email Bob at azjoad@cox.net


The Iron Archer is ideal preparation for the:

  • World Indoor Championship Trials

  • Arizona State and JOAD Indoor Championships

  • Las Vegas World Archery Festival

  • USAA National Indoor Championships

  • Mental Practice for Outdoor Match Play


Here are links to pictures and write-ups about the: 


  • The 600 round is registered with USA Archery and World Archery for qualifying score sanctioning and is available for World Records. 

  • The 600 round (18m) will be conducted per World Archery requirements. 

  • 600 round = 20 ends of 3 arrows, 2 minutes per end.

  • Tournament will use the venue's target buttresses and is not responsible for the condition of the buttresses.

  • Tournament proceeds after expenses will be used to fund AZJOAD program projects.

  • List of registrants will be posted on this webpage.