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for Youth Target Archery in Arizona


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Junior Olympic Archery Development

See ASAA website for additional archery club information


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    Click here for 2005 News Page
Dec. 29, 2004  

Remember that there are different equipment and arrow rules for the NAA and NFAA.  Most often mistake... archers bring their Vegas arrows to an NAA tournament.

NAA Equipment Inspections      NAA Arrow Specifications

Dec. 19, 2004   Straight N Arrow announces Vegas Shoot - Super Saturday on Feb. 5 Click
Dec. 19, 2004  

2005 Simply 600 NAA sanctioned 600 FITA 1 round.  Are you registered?  Click

Dec. 19, 2004   2004 Iron Archer Finals
Dec. 17, 2004  

Straight N Arrow JOAD classes are suspended for the holidays.

Classes will resume on Friday, January 7th, 2005

Have a nice holiday break!


Dec. 14, 2004


Newspaper article on the National Archery in the Schools Program. If you want archery in your school, contact the Arizona Game and Fish Shooting Sports Coordinator, Anthony Chavez at (602) 789-3395 or achavez@gf.state.az.us, to find out how.

Dec. 13, 2004   2004 Year in Review  Summary
Dec. 6, 2004   NAA Sanctioned 600 round scheduled for Jan. 2, 2005  More info
Dec. 6, 2004   Third Round Iron Archer     Story    Final Results     RR Ranking
Nov. 30, 2004  

December 4th, 2004 Iron Archer Update - 2nd shooting time added:

Spaces are available for the 1:30 PM check in, 2:00 PM 600 round.
(December 4, 2004, Straight N Arrow)
The main AM group will check-in at 10:00am and begin shooting the first 600 round at 10:45 AM (the AM group is full at this time).


The added PM group will begin shooting the second 600 round at 2:00 PM.

Official practice will only be offered before the first 600 round (10:00 AM)


The second PM group will be "one line only",if possible to insure that the second 600 round is complete by store closing time.

Email azjoad@cox.net to reserve a December 4, 2004, PM group shooting position, space is limited to 12.

More tourney info


Nov. 29, 2004   2004 Leftover Turkey Shoot Story
Nov. 26, 2004   Third Round Iron Archer Lane Assignments     Posted
Nov. 26, 2004  

Leftover Turkey Shoot   More info

Seven archers have confirmed by email.


Many others have only verbally suggested they will compete.

Email Rocky Repp at RKRcubed@aol.com to reserve a spot.


Nov. 23, 2004   Leftover Turkey Shoot - Vegas Style on Nov. 28, 2004   More info
Nov. 20, 2004  

No JOAD at Straight N Arrow on Friday, November 26, 2004.

Open range time and Shop Services are available at Straight N Arrow Archery on that Friday.

Beginners and Advanced classes resume on Friday, December 3, 2004.

Nov. 20, 2004   Second Round Iron Archer Posted
Nov. 14, 2004  

The Mesa Targeteers and AZJOAD will be hosting a Vegas style 600 round tournament.

Date: Sunday, November 28, 2004

Location:  Archery Headquarters, Chandler, AZ

The tournament is "targeted" as preparation for

the 2005 World Archery Festival, Las Vegas

and the AZJOAD Team Vegas Showdown.

More information to be posted soon.

Nov.14, 2004  
Schedule announced for the remainder of 2004 for Mesa Targeteers at Archery HQ   Click here for more information
Nov. 14, 2004   Second Round Iron Archer Lane Assignments  Posted
Nov. 7, 2004   First Round of the Iron Archer is history.  Check it out!
Nov. 3, 2004  

Iron Archer Update:  Non NAA members may participate!

Non NAA members may participate in the Iron Archer Tournament Series.

See the fee schedule under How much on the “Iron Archer” tournament information webpage

Nov. 1, 2004  

JOADs opportunities take place 5 days a week in Arizona. 

The www.azjoad.com “Weekly Schedule” lists them. 

Note that the Black Canyon Archers Sunday Introduction to Archery, Beginners and Training opportunity now will take place from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM of non event weekends.  Shooting at an outdoor range on the weekends is one of the real delights of Central Arizona weather.  Check the “Weekly Schedule” often for updates.

Oct. 31, 2004   3 JOADs attend 2004 Thorny Pumpkin  Story
Oct. 31, 2004  

2005 ASAA events, including some NAA Championships / Trials, are posted on www.azarchery.com    It wasn't long ago when Arizonans would complain that their is nothing to do, and rightfully so.   Not any more.  Now a days, Arizona FITA shooters must decide which events they can shoot in and still have a life.

Oct. 29, 2004   Youth divisions clarified for NFAA Vegas tourney.  Click Here
Oct. 29, 2004   Duel story posted  Click Here
Oct. 25, 2004   Duel in the Desert Results and Photos have been posted at ASAA
Oct. 25, 2004  

NAA has changed the format of the previously posted US World Indoor Trials format.  Check out the revised tournament info at  USA Archery

Oct. 20, 2004  

Check out ADOT (click on Road Conditions, then Closures) to see if there are any road closures that will affect your drive to Tucson.

(Hint: use the menus to refine your search area, hover over an icon for preview,

click on icon for more info)

Oct. 14, 2004   Sunday Practice and JOAD training at BASF on Oct. 17  more info

Oct. 11, 2004



Iron Archer Tournament series and 2005 US Indoor Trials:


The NAA has announced that the 2005 World Indoor Trials will be in Hillsboro, Texas on January 14-16, 2004.

The Iron Archers Tournament Series consists of three FITA I, 600 rounds and Round Robin matches. 

  • The FITA I, 600 round portions of the Iron Archer Series are NAA registered for those that need qualifying scores. 

  • The 600 rounds and Round Robin matches will be excellent preparation for the Trials.

  • For more Iron Archer information click here or click on the Iron Archery Logo in the left column on the www.azjoad.com webpage.

  • Space is very limited.   Sign up early!


Oct. 8, 2004  
Straight N Arrow JOAD awarded patches to their first group of intermediate and advanced JOAD club members.  Six were on hand to receive NAA JOAD patches achieved in August.  The JOAD effort was impressive as all collected several achievement levels in one month.  See photo.

Congratulations to Straight N Arrow JOADs, keep up the good work.

Want to join a club,  click here for more info.

Oct. 6, 2004   ASAA elects Board of Directors that are supportive of JOAD  Click
Oct. 6, 2004   What's Next?  Oct. Newsletter
Oct. 5, 2004   ASAA Outdoor Championship  JOAD Story
Sept. 28, 2004   2004 Iron Archer Tournament Series update
Sept. 26, 2004  

What Arizona JOAD records will fall next weekend at the ASAA Outdoor?

Click here for current ASAA Outdoor JOAD records

Sept. 25, 2004   Oops...finally added photos to JOAD Nationals in Georgia   Click Here
Sept 18, 2004   Junior World team members thank Mesa Targeteers  Click Here
Sept 18, 2004   ASU Sun Devil Archery holds first practice.  Photos
Sept. 17, 2004   Arizona JOAD team competition at 2005 World Archery Festival  Click Here
Sept. 15, 2004   12 attend Level 1 Class    Click Here
Sept. 12, 2004   Open Practice and Beginner JOAD at Ben Avery FITA Range   Click Here
Sept. 9, 2004   Desert Mountain High School starts Archery Club.  Click Here
Sept. 6, 2004   Three Arizona JOAD set WORLD RECORDS in England  Click Here
Sept. 6, 2004   Arizona Republic Newspaper article about Archery  Click Here
August 29, 2004  


Most links restored to old AZJOAD webpages including photo galleries

Click here for a general listing

The 2002 and 2003 AZJOAD webpages have been moved so all AZJOAD info is now under the www.azjoad.com url. Please change any bookmark references.

Please note that there are some referenced links that cannot be fixed such as links to the old NAA and ASAA websites.


August 26, 2004   AZJOAD to host Iron Archer 2004 Tournament Series  Click Here
August 22, 2004  


Level 1 Certification Class scheduled for September 11

Ideal for advanced JOADs 16 years old and older who wish to help beginner classes.  Here is the link for more information:  posting on azarchery.com

Space is limited, sign up early.


August 21, 2004   What's up for Fall Recreational JOADs  Click Here
August 20, 2004   ASU Sun Devil Archery Club membership drive  Click here
August 19, 2004   Time to get get ready for the State Championship and Duel Trials link
August 9, 2004   2005 Junior USAT announced  Click Here
August 8, 2004   Photos Added for Lilleshall World Championship   Page 1   Page 2

August 8, 2004


AZJOAD Season Finale Party  Click Here
August 3, 2004   AZJOAD August Newsletter, What's ahead?  Click Here
July 30, 2004   Arizona JOADs at the Junior World Championships   Click Here
July 16, 2004   Straight N Arrow JOAD starts tonight   Click Here
July 15, 2004   Unofficial Annual National JOAD meeting report  Click Here
July 15, 2004   2004 JOAD Outdoor Nationals  -  Arizona Report
June 27, 2004   Arizona Joads at the 2004 Payson Shoot Click Here
June 25, 2004   Some Olympic Trials Photos - Mason, Ohio  Click Here
June 25, 2004   New website for VIII Junior Outdoor Target Archery World Championships with more info.  Click Here
June 21, 2004   Straight N Arrow Archery announces new JOAD Club.  Click Here
June 7, 2004   2004 US Junior World Trials  Arizona Story  (Photos added 6/21)
June 2, 2004   Pineapple Archery hosts Benefit Speed Shoot at Clint's Well 3D  Story
May 28, 2004   Tucson's Desert Destroyers JOAD have new location. Click Here
May 28, 2004   Payson Shoot Scheduled.  See more info on ASAA Events page
May 27, 2004   AZJOAD May Newsletter:  What's going on during the Summer-Fall?
May 16, 2004   AZJOAD Fundraising Summary  Click Here
May 8, 2004   PSJ hosts 70m Qualifier / OR  Story
April 26, 2004   Arizona JOAD Outdoor Championships  Click Here
April 20, 2004  

National JOAD Mail-in Results 

Congratulations to Maggie and Mack Huff, Ryan Davis, Lindsay Pian, Ashley Votruba, Nicole and Allen Rasor, and Jessica Grant for finishing in the top three of their divisions.


April 19, 2004   Register for a May 8th 70m Qualifier and OR round in Tucson  Click Here

April 15, 2004


New dress code will not be in affect for the JOAD Outdoor.  Can't wear those Khakis yet!  New dress code isn't effective until May 1.  Click Here

This is a STAR FITA tournament.  NAA / FITA Rules apply.


Lunch is being planned for archers (hopefully families, too) on Saturday and Sunday.  Stay tuned for more details.


Sign up for the AZJOAD OPEN, an OR round on Sunday.  Seeding  based on 70m or longest distance from the FITA. ORs will be at 70m for FR, FC, MR, and MC divisions.


April 11, 2004



Are you registered for the Arizona JOAD Outdoor STAR FITA?  Find Out

April 10, 2004



AZJOAD at Longbow AJGA Heather Farr Golf Tournament  Story

April 10, 2004  

The AZJOAD and the Arizona archery community contributed $200 in the name of Adam Wheatcroft to James Madison University (JMU) in 2003.


Here is the event link: http://members.cox.net/azjoad2003/2003_AWM_Indoor.htm


JMU’s “Duke Club” has recently acknowledged and thanked us for the donation.

See JMU Letter


April 4, 2004   Arizona JOADS at the Arizona Cup     Click Here
March 26, 2004  

What's next for JOAD?  The Arizona JOAD Outdoor Championship on April 24 and 25

Click Here     Senior and Master Divisions are also welcome!



March 17, 2004


National Indoor Target Championship - Arizona Story   NAA Press



Feb. 28, 2004  

Annual National Mail-in JOAD tournament  Click Here  Please note that National Indoor scores cannot be used.  Make arrangements with your local JOAD club during the month of March. NAA membership is required. If you are an unattached Arizona joad contact azjoad@cox.net. Kudos to Arizona's Ted Harden for assisting the NAA with this tournament.  Proceeds will benefit the US Junior World Team.


Click here for online information and forms


Feb. 24, 2004

  2004 World Archery Festival Click Here

Feb. 12, 2004


Arizona JOAD Outdoor Registration Form  Click Here

Feb. 5, 2004   ASAA Indoor Championship  Click Here
Feb. 5, 2004   New ASAA Indoor JOAD Records  Click Here
Jan. 29, 2004   Junior World Trials Registration Form Click Here
Jan. 29, 2004   Olympic Trials Registration Form  Click Here
Jan. 26, 2004   FITA rules about Cadet Women outdoor distances  Click Here
Jan. 25, 2004   Arizona State JOAD Indoor Championship  Click Here
Jan. 22, 2004   Nascar and AZJOAD  Click Here
Jan. 17, 2004   New Year = New Look  See button above "2003 AZJOAD" for old page
Jan. 15, 2004   2004 Arizona Cup International Info  Click Here
Jan. 2, 2004   Registration for 2004 Arizona State Indoor Championship  Click Here
Dec. 27, 2003   Registration for 2004 Arizona JOAD Indoor Championship  Click Here
Dec. 21, 2003   Year in Review  Click Here